The Pancakes

by The Pancakes

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released December 5, 2011

By Dmitry Shteynvil, Jeff Daldin, Nathan Bortz



all rights reserved


The Pancakes Rochester Hills, Michigan

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Track Name: Desert Inn
The battered old highway,
The ghostly winds a howlin,
Heavy Clouds have stole your moonlight,
And the rain's a pourin down,
Do you feel a little lucky,
Or did luck leave you behind,
You can rest your worried soul here,
Spend the night at the Desert Inn,

When there's no logic in moving,
When there's no reason in tryin,
If you feel yourself derailing,
And your waitin on to die,
You don't have to burn with sorrow,
You don't even have to cry,
Just come down to the Desert Inn,
And you'll Get your slice of pie,

Spend the night at the Desert Inn
Track Name: HeirLoom
Track Name: Five Fingers
This aint living
Out on the days
We're all people too
Out on the down
Out on the town
Aint got no clovers but I'll try to make it up to you
Gonna make my baby bum blue

I got five fingers and five of them are going in you

A figgle fig nasty
And a doo doo doo doo
Had my fingers in a basket
Searching through you
A shiver down your sphincter
A shiver up your spine
God, I love whatever waitress put the blood in my wine

There's no reason to fight it
There's no reason to run
So just relax
And we'll let it all
Flow down like chocolate butter
For breakfast lunch and supper
A bachelor's education
In mindless fornication
Track Name: Gina sit
Gina sit
Sit a little bit
Free the tick
While your down in the pit
And don't come back until your done
You gotta relax
Sicking a sun
Gina kin
My sister in
My hearts for you
Don't come home soon
I need you then
and then needs to come
the river bends and when it ends it ends

Gina now
It's a way
Is it wrong? It's no stain
It's a milk moon and a bun
It's a rattle
It's a sum
I gotta count you in on this
I'm gonna love the things you say
I'll eat the river in the rain
Sink a faucet
faucet a drain
Track Name: Sterile(Revised)
I'm a sterile bear...
I will NOT get you pregnant...
Track Name: Sterile(ruff)
I'm a Sterile Bear,
I will Not get you pregnant...
Track Name: PEENUS in it
Peenus in it, Peenus in it....
The world is changing fast,
And I'm a feelin' blue,
we have to get together,
Because one plus one makes two,
I'll take you to the moon,
Spread your thighs from Mars to Venus,
You can cry to the stars for me,
When I plow you with a peenus,
Peenus in it, Peenus in it......